My Love from Another Star Korean Drama Review

My Love from Another Star is a fantasy show that retells the story of Do Min Joon, a 400 year old pariah with heavenly limits who has been gotten on Earth. He should have simply gotten back home, but that all changes when he meets a notable performer named Chun Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun.

My Love from Another Star overpowered the performance world around the completion of 2013. It’s noticeable quality in Korea and around the world was gigantic, and the show emphatically has a ton going for it.Min Joon continued with a debilitating presence just hanging on until he could get back.

He encountered trouble staying aware of friendships, and just had one dear buddy, a more prepared considerate individual named Young Mok.But his world is flipped around by the high upkeep and mentioning performer Song Yi. Moreover, what a treat she was! My Love from Another Star was Jun Ji Hyun’s most significant show starting around 1999, as she is essentially a film performer. She was only made for this work.


Her comedic timing is immaculate, and she makes the most un-troublesome lines amusing to hear. Her character was a piece crazy, but strong, and she was superb as the converse to Min Joon’s crisp, firm persona. My Love from Another Star Korean Drama – Kim Hyun Soo My Love from Another Star Korean Drama – Kim Soo Hyun

Min Joon is completely drawn to Song Yi because of her resemblance to a young child named Seo Yi Hwa who helped him when he at first showed up on Earth during the Joseon time period. My Love from Another Star is exceptional in that despite being a high level show, it has numerous scenes that happen during this period. Accepting for a moment that you’re new to historicals, this sensation is an incredible show as these scenes are entirely pleasing, and they genuinely lay off the authoritative issues that can be somewhat significant in numerous historicals.

My Love from Another Star Korean Drama – Yoo In Na My Love from Another Star Korean Drama Park Hae Jin Clearly, we have an inducing second female lead in this sensation, Yoo Se Mi, whose jealousy of Song Yi controls her hankering to make her issues. The male second lead, Lee Hui Kyung (Park Hae Jin), is the your praiseworthy nice individual who is reliably there for our driving lady.

My Love from Another Star Korean Drama – Shin Sung Rok My Love from Another Star Korean Drama Shin Sung Rok and Kim Soo Hyun Notwithstanding, I really want to give props to who is possibly my most adored kdrama trouble maker, Lee Jae Kyung. His sureness and horrendous smile are faultlessness for the gig. He will do whatever it may take to get what he wants… including murder.

A part of my main scenes were his showdowns with Min Joon. The power was stunning, and I totally valued watching him go from self-important to puzzled by Min Joon’s abilities. Accepting you value Shin Sung Rok, make sure to take a gander at the Korean transformation of Liar Game. His pathetic occupation is basically something very similar, and he was the component of the performance for me.

My Love from Another Star Korean Drama – Kim Soo Hyun and Ahn Jae Hyun There’s in like manner a delightful negligible side story including Song Yi’s kin, Yoon Jae. He grows a fantastic interest with Min Joon, and it is entirely adorable to watch.

The opinion is extremely perfect in this sensation. Notwithstanding Song Yi’s crazy deceives, it has a completely mature feel to it, and it is wonderful to watch her and Min Joon grow closer. Both of them work on one another’s lives, and it is truly horrifying to watch them adjust to the destruction of finding that Min Joon needs to get back to his planet or he will die.

Our couple’s veneration simply grows further as they adjust to the hardships of him leaving. They comprehend how huge each second truly is. I most definitely participated in the culmination of this show. It wasn’t picture amazing, yet they really made the best of their situation. In that sense, it almost feels every one of the more authentic, because life is imperfect constantly.


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