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7 First Kisses Korean Drama Review


7 First Kisses (moreover called First Kiss for the Seventh Time) is an eight episode dream web show about a woman Lee Cho Hee that has never had a darling. A goddess Choi Ji Charm appears and grants her the opportunity to meet seven alluring people for her to peruse …

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Absolute Boyfriend Korean Drama Review


Out and out Sweetheart retells the story of an improvements make-up skilled worker who actually said one last goodbye to her dependable performer playmate that breezes up with the best robot darling passed on to her.Minah plays our make-up expert Eom Da. She had done her absolute best to help …

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100 Days My Prince Korean Drama Review


100 Days My Prince (generally called Hundred Days Husband) is about a Joseon ruler who loses his memory, vanishes, and ends up living as a normal resident. He meets a woman (Nam Ji Hyun) who is the most settled unmarried woman in the town at 28 years old, and the …

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Best Fantasy Korean Dramas Of All Time


From the extended 16+ episode exhausting stories to noteworthy characters, there really is nothing extremely like a good Korean sensation. There’s in like manner nothing exceptionally like the unfilled vibe of adversity you experience when your  show closes. Among the overall hodgepodge are a couple of Korean performances that go …

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K-drama Bloody Heart, Lee Joon, Kang Han-na and Jang Hyuk in romantic period drama that looks fantastic but gets bogged down in dreary politics


This account of palace power games and upset feeling incorporates an intoxicating visual reach that highlights occupations played in Korea’s Joseon time. Anyway, the political trickery is difficult to follow  future episodes need to and add clarity as well as a couple of near and dear stakes, Whether in an …

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